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Global North Texas members rely on volunteers to share the best of our community with the world. Choose from a variety of volunteer roles with varying degrees of participation and involvement. Training sessions and friendly mentors are available to assist you as you learn. Join us in making a difference!




  • Professional Resource:

Meet with leaders from other countries in your professional field.

  • Volunteer Programmer:

Organize the schedule of activities in your community for international visitors including professional appointments and cultural experiences.

  • Cultural Ambassador|Tour Guide:

Accompany international visitors as they explore and visit North Texas’s cultural sites and events.

  • Local Escort:

Accompany international visitors on their professional appointments to ensure that each day runs smoothly and that our international visitors feel at ease during their visit.

  • Home Hospitality Host:

Welcome international visitors to your home for a casual evening meal with family, friends, and lots of lively and engaging conversation. Share Texas-sized hospitality and give international visitors a unique glimpse into life at home in the U.S.

  • Office Volunteer: 

Offer support to the administrative staff either at Global North Texas’s office or remotely from your home or office.

  • Training and Event Planning:

Plan and follow through with necessary elements for successful training sessions and entertaining social gatherings for members and volunteers.

  • Driver: 

Drive international visitors to appointment and cultural events and activities.


To volunteer, please complete and send in a membership form
For additional information, or if you have questions, please contact us at 214 520-0618 or send an e-mail to (contact@globalntx.org).