Happy New Year!
dove-word-cloud-blues-and-greensDecember 30, 2016Thank you for your support of Global North Texas and the work that we do.  Your generous contributions make it possible for us to carry out our mission to host international visitors.  Together we are creating a more peaceful and prosperous world by building long-lasting connections between our community and the nations of the world.Please help us to continue this immensely important work by making an end-of-year tax deductible donation to Global North Texas.  You can donate by check, through PayPal on our DONATE page, or by calling our office at 214-520-0618 where our program associate, Elaine Tricoli, will be happy to assist you. Any gift that you make to GNTx will be most appreciated and will be used to provide quality service and programs to international visitors.






Why We Do What We Do

PicMonkey Collage2Several years ago Global North Texas hosted a group of journalists who were following the National Elections in November; there were 6 international visitors and 2 escorts. The program included visiting Democrat and Republican headquarters, candidates and their offices, and a few others. It went well and that evening Janice and Will had dinner for them. Their two sons were 4 and 8 at the time and Alexander, the 4 year old, had had shots that day and was not feeling well. During dinner he came wandering in and curled up next to Wills chair in the dining room. They explained to their guests the circumstance. Before Will could pick him up and take him back to the nursery one of the journalists asked their permission to take Alexander to the nursery and rock him to sleep. He said “I miss my children”. Will agreed and so he picked him up and took him to the nursery. While he was doing this the others talked about how this was the only place they had been able to interact with families and children. That observation has been repeated over the years from many international visitors. Thank you, Will Wilkins, for helping keep our legacy of shaping U.S. foreign relations, one hand shake at a time!




PicMonkey Collage
A lady from a small town in India was chosen to participate in a Women’s Entrepreneurial Program by the State Department.  But when it came time to leave for the US, monsoon rains had washed out the train tracks.  Her father refused to let her miss the opportunity of a lifetime, and together they rode 4 hours, through the rain, on their bicycles to the nearest train station, so she could get to the plane, so she could eventually arrive in the US.  Once she arrived in Dallas for her Global North Texas program, she and her group of women entrepreneurs met with Molly Cain, a mentor with Tech Wildcatters.  When Molly heard her story, Molly couldn’t help but get involved.  She helped the Indian lady design a new logo for her business and assisted her with a business plan to get her products from the small town to the marketplace.  To this day, the two ladies are in contact and still discussing ways to grow the business in a small Indian town and bring a little prosperity to a distant part of the globe. Thanks to Elaine Head and Molly Cain for helping to demonstrate that women can succeed in business, anywhere in the world!




Rekindling Ties with South Korea in the Meat Packing Business

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September 17th Happy Hour 

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Athena Trentin/Anna Hay Host Korean Student
July 19, 2015
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On Sunday, July 19, members of Global North Texas hosted thirty five, South Korean college students, currently attending an intensive ESL program at Brookhaven College.   The aim of hosting the students was to provide them with an opportunity to enjoy an evening with typical American families and practice their newly acquired language skills in a nonthreatening environment.  In addition, hosts invited friends who are leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds including lawyers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives who spent time with the students exploring cross-cultural and family relationships. Read More>>>

Sheila Miller First Timer – Home Hosting (Korean Students from Brookhaven College)
July 19th, 2015

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We had a wonderful home visit.  At first the guys were like a little bit shy but the girls were more open.  After a while they were able to adapt to the atmosphere better and by the middle of the visit everybody was comfortable and everyone enjoyed it.  They enjoyed everything. The food and the games.  They played games!   We played games and they actually loved the Connect Four and Checkers.  One of the girls didn’t even know how to play Checkers and she became a pro at it.  She beat everybody!  They didn’t even want to leave.  It was a great experience for my first time home hosting.

Crenshaw’s Dinner Hosting Korean Students
Sunday, July 19th, 2015[gmedia id=20]We had a great time though few spoke much English. But we made it very well in spite of that. One of the young men looked a great deal like a young man from South Korea we consider to be like a son to us.Since Koreans rarely get beef in their country due to the expense so we served them steaks from the grill. Additionally, they had baked potatoes, a really good salad Marsha makes and topped it off with homemade cherry pie with vanilla ice cream. They loved it!Since we had already had exposure to South Korean culture, we were able to find many good talking points. That was advantageous.When we asked what was the best thing they had experienced while in the USA the last few weeks, they answered: “now!” We were humbled and grateful to know they felt that way.On Wednesday, we are taking them to get Mexican food. Stay tuned.

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Since our Korean guests from Sunday night wanted to go eat Mexican food, we ventured out to Downtown Dallas today to the Original El Fenix restaurant, established in 1918 by Mike Martinez. To our surprise, Mr. Martinez’ son was there…92 year old 1st Leuitenant Alfred Martinez, and he joined us!!! What a treat for these guys and us!It was a joy having these fine young men!

Reward and Recognition for the Global North Texas Volunteer!Rangers Baseball Game | July 3rd, 2015

  • Rangers Game with Global North Texas Volunteers!
  • Rangers Game with Global North Texas Volunteers!
  • Rangers Game with Global North Texas Volunteers!
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  • Rangers Game with Global North Texas Volunteers!
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As a part of an ongoing rewards and recognition, Global North Texas gave away 30 tickets to faithful members, volunteers, resources and partners to the Rangers Baseball Game.  It was just in time for a pre 4th of July celebration with a good turn out!  Joining in was Global North Texas former student intern from China who experienced her first baseball game and the excitement of eating peanuts (and a hot dog) in the stadium.

June 18th Happy Hour – Great Connections!At our June 18, 2015 Happy Hour we had a nice cozy turn out.  Longstanding volunteers made great connections and welcomed new ones.   Seasoned business professionals and programmers also showed up to offer their time and expertise on incoming programs, while others offered to help behind the scenes in the office.  This is what Global North Texas is all about!  We are a community based organization with a global thrust that comes together to support the vision of the International Visitors Leadership Program!  Thanks and Appreciation to everyone for your support.

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Training and Reception Photos | April 28, 2015After the kick-off Reception and Training on January 29th, 2015, Global North Texas held a special deeper dive training led by Training Chairman Dr. Jim Neathery and team on The Art of Programming.  Attendees included first time visitors, volunteers, programmers in training, board members and the executive director.  Dr. Neathery shared on Global North Texas role in relations to the State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Program and ultimately foreign affairs.  We also heard from some of our more experienced local programmers and attendees had an opportunity to view previous years program binders.  As the training continued, attendees were also broken into small groups to explore real life case scenarios and how best to respond to the unexpected things that come up when escorting visitors.   Also, as the evening ended two programmers in training were paired with Dr. Neathery to be mentored as he put together an incoming program.Stay tuned or send an email to requesting to be added to our mailing list so that you can get involved and join us at our next training.

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  • Training and Reception
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Global North Texas Celebrates Volunteers! During National Volunteer Week (April 12-18, 2015), Global North Texas  acknowledged their volunteers base by stating,“Each year Global North Texas (formally North Texas Council for International Visitors) has hundreds of International Visitors that arrive in Dallas from the State Department’s premier International Visitors Leadership Program.  These visitors attend professional meeting appointment, are escorted to cultural activities and some even enjoy a meal in the comforts of your home.  Your loyalty and support of our mission is unparalleled, as none of what we do would be possible without you!”  The kind note culminated with an invitation to attend a Happy Hour at Blue Mesa Lincoln Park on April 16th, 2015.  Enjoy the photos below as volunteers were celebrated with small tokens of appreciation.

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Lawyer from the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia talks about her experience with Global North Texas[embeddoc url=”” viewer=”microsoft”]

Mediation Training in China – A North Texas Perspective

Global North Texas - CareersKay Elliott, a local professional resource and Global North Texas board member who teaches at the Wesleyan School of Law in Fort Worth, Texas, was invited to teach mediation techniques to 72 Chinese lawyers this past December at the Sino-US Legal Studies Center program at Xiangtan University in Hunan, China. The invitation came as a direct result of being a professional resource for an International Visitor Leadership Program visit in late 2011.  The subject of that visit was Legal Issues in the U.S. Read More >>




Home Hosting

11224164_10153325282457170_3149618061427964376_nOur home hosting program invites international visitors into the homes of local volunteers for evenings of food and friendship. Visitors often rank these evenings as the most enjoyable experience during their time in the country.There are no real rules to follow when hosting. The most important thing is to do what you are comfortable doing. Some hosts prefer backyard barbecues, while others choose more formal dinner parties. Relax and be yourself. Invite friends and family members to share in the experience. Read More





>>Citizen Diplomacy in Prague slide2-600x400This past spring one of our interns, Julia Retta, participated as an “International Ambassador” in the Rice University Gateway Program while studying at Sciences Po in Paris, France (Paris Institute of Political Studies). She was able to visit and interview two of our visitors from a program Global North Texas hosted in the winter of 2012, the Transparency and Accountability group from Europe (Meridian International Center, Henry Collins, Program Officer).Julia was invited by Lenka Andrýsová, a member of parliament in Prague in the Czech Republic and by Mr. Ole Terkelsen, Legal Advisor, Ministry of Justice, Denmark. She visited them in their respective cities.Julia’s blog (see link below) tells the story of her visit with one of the visitors, Ms. Andrysova.Read Julia’s blog at:   An Incurable Humanist



Volunteers – Celebration of Citizen DiplomacyVolunteers receive awards

Congratulations to our Outstanding Volunteers for 2012 who have contributed so much to the International Visitor Leadership Program and the NCITV this past year. Shown at our October Celebration of Citizen Diplomacy at the Fuqua Winery:

  • Abraham Yu – Outstanding Cultural Escort
  • Laura Tamayo – Outstanding Social Media Advisor
  • Lydia Varela – Outstanding Programmer
  • John Wise – Outstanding Home Host