Athena Trentin/Anna Hay Host Korean Student

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On Sunday, July 19, members of Global North Texas hosted thirty five, South Korean college students, currently attending an intensive ESL program at Brookhaven College.   The aim of hosting the students was to provide them with an opportunity to enjoy an evening with typical American families and practice their newly acquired language skills in a nonthreatening environment.  In addition, hosts invited friends who are leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds including lawyers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives who spent time with the students exploring cross-cultural and family relationships.

We had the pleasure of introducing six of these students to a traditional American BBQ dinner in our home with several of our friends.  The evening was filled with great food, company, and conversation.  Four young women and two young men (studying nursing, childcare, business management, and commercial ship building) shared with us their hopes and dreams and we helped them understand American behaviors and culture by gaining insight into the observations they have made while in Dallas studying at Brookhaven.

The girls were particularly interested in the home décor and various artefacts from around the world that demonstrated to them the level of our global interest and travel experiences.  Although the weather prevented outdoor activities they really enjoyed looking around the garden took lots of photos of the exterior and interior of the home to show their friends and families.  The delicious Tex-Mex banquet included salsa and queso with tortilla chips, loaded hot dogs, cheeseburgers, potato salad and coleslaw.  We topped off the evening with homemade cheese cake, fresh berries and ice cream.  Each of these young leaders of the future were a delight to be with and exceedingly appreciative of our hospitality and the chance to interact with the families and their guests.  Much love and laughter was exchanged throughout the visit with students commenting that it was a night they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Thanks to Global North Texas for spearheading a mutually wonderful opportunity for everyone!

Anna Hay – Global North Texas Member/Volunteer