What Visitors Say About Their Time in North Texas

“This was an excellent arrangement for visiting around Dallas to see wonderful people and presenters.”

“Meeting each and every important person, I felt their kindness and equal expression to me that gave me the impression of kind hospitality.”

Visitors from Burma on the US Election Process: May 6 – 12, 2015



“The purpose of my trip was fulfilled completely. I gained much information about ADR, especially mediation, innovative project procedures, and its cooperation with the office of the District Attorney.”

“There was perfect accommodation, safely provided transportation, warm hospitality during each meeting, each law office and both courts that we had the opportunity to visit.”

Visitors in the Multi-Regional Project on the Us Judicial System: March 25 – 31, 2015


“Transportation, hotel, food arrangements, and the technical visits were planned and executed.” 

“The NACE conference made it more beneficial than other stops. The Texas oil museum was also good.”

“The visit to Texas was much more interesting then my expectations.”

Visitors from India on the Adoption of American Anti-Corrosion Standards: March 14 – March 21, 2015


“I was amazed to see how magnificent [the United States] is and how advanced, strong, and flexible it is, to the extent of being able to mold many races and nationalities together, unifying them under the American nationality.”
Visitor from Japan

“This is a significant program for those who are working in education field; I am rating this visit wonderful and very effective for developing my country’s educational system.” Visitor from Southeast Asia



Dallas and the wonderful people in it deserve a repeat visit. Next time I will come with my family.”
Visitor from Africa

“At first I thought Texas is just a state of oil and cowboys and deserts without camels, but my opinion has totally changed.”
Visitor from Saudi Arabia


“A few words can describe a 100% of my feelings of Texas – peaceful, friendly, lovely, helpful, and kind.”
Visitor from Mongolia

“My visit was far beyond my expectations.”
Visitor from Mongolia

“Serendipitous experience.”
Visitor from Iraq

“This was the best stop as our hosts and the people of Texas are wonderful people.”
Visitor from Senegal

“The hospitality was exceptional.”

Visitor from Nigeria


“I enjoyed staying at the ranch and experiencing real American people”
Visitor from Southeast Asia

“This has been the best organized and diversified program we have had .“
Visitor from European Union




“It felt like home away from home.”
Visitor from Pakistan

“Ranch stay and home stay = total pleasure.”
Visitor from France

“The people of Texas are more than kind and welcoming.  I didn’t expect that rate of hospitality anywhere.”
Visitor from Serbia

“People are more caring in Texas and everything is big in Texas.”
Visitor from Pakistan

I wish home hospitality could last a whole day, in order to share more with people.”
Visitor from Saudi Arabia

“Massive friendliness throughout.”
Portuguese Interpreter

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